• Ashley Graham just dropped new photos on Instagram while promoting a self-tanning product, and that’s it.
  • In the photos, the model wears a chic bikini that shows off her perfect booty and strong legs.
  • Ashley trains with a personal trainer and also loves working out with her husband.

Ashley Graham is getting everyone in the summer mood with her latest Instagram post. The model, 35, shared photos of herself modeling an adorable purple Knix bikini that showed off her booty and super strong legs while promoting the St. Tropez bronzer, and she told me dreams of warmer weather and sandy beaches.

“Some people say find your beach, I say find your @sttropeztan ☀️,” she captioned the photos. Obviously, the photos quickly got a lot of love from Ashley’s fans and followers. “The first and the last. OMGGGG 😍,” one person wrote. And another fan commented, “You SHINE🤭✨✨.” True all around.

If you’re wondering what Ashley does to stay so strong, the new mom of three takes her fitness seriously and works out regularly with personal trainer Kira Stokes.

Last month, she took part in a super sweaty lifting workout with Stokes which she shared on her Instagram Stories. In the video, Ashley absolutely crushes some awesome weighted deadlifts. And in 2020, Ashley shared a video of one of her 30-minute home bodyweight workouts with Stokes. The session included everything from sumo squats to planks, wide leg climbers and more.

Ashley doesn’t just work with Stokes, though. In fact, one of her favorite workout buddies is her husband, Justin Ervin, according to Parade.

Regular health and wellness routines are a way of life for Ashley. In fact, during her first pregnancy in 2019, Ashley maintained her routines with Stokes and trained with ski champion Lindsey Vonn.

She continued these workouts while pregnant for the second time (with twins!) in 2021. “When I work out with my trainer, we do a lot of weights and then some sneaky cardio. ‘bought a Stairmaster, and I put it in my bedroom,’ she said. women’s health. “He’s looking out the window, and I have no excuse.”

When she’s not sweating it out with her hubby or Stokes, Ashley can be found doing some down dog. She is a big fan of Sky Ting Yoga in New York. “But it’s so good to be so flexible and not have a sore back,” she said. W.H..

Like the queen that she is, Ashley has kept it real about the changes she’s been through during her pregnancies (she gave birth to twin sons, Malachi and Roman, last year, and they joined her son , Isaac, 3 years old), with PEOPLE.

“My body has changed so much,” she said. “I have a lot more gratitude to my body because of all the work it’s been through, but it’s definitely taken time to, you know, look at my new body and my postpartum body, and recognize that at new.”

When it comes to her diet, Ashley eats good nourishing foods. She shared everything she eats in a day with Harper’s Bazaar, which emphasizes hydration. Fun fact: Ashley drinks three to four cups of coffee and a gallon of water every day.

Breakfast usually consists of scrambled eggs with ham, dairy-free butter and gluten-free toast. Ashley’s morning snacks (when she’s on set) include bone broth, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, avocados with sea salt and olive oil, cold cucumbers or peanut M&Ms.

For lunch, she will have a salad at Sweetgreen, then have an early dinner around 6 p.m. Usually Justin will cook for her. Dessert is often a piece of frozen dark chocolate or slices of rose apple drizzled with peanut butter.

Ashley also likes to have tea in the evening using her Fellow Stagg EKG pour-over electric kettle. “I use it with my Natural Calm Vitality drink. It has a thermometer on top which is great if I’m trying to get the perfect water temperature,” she said. New York Review.

I love it, Ashley!

Emily Shiffer is a former digital web producer for Men’s Health and Prevention and is currently a freelance writer specializing in health, weight loss and fitness. She is currently based in Pennsylvania and loves all things antiques, cilantro, and American history.

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