Ben Affleck’s Secret Batman Fitness Routine Revealed! The actor worked hard to get the ripped physique! (Photo credit – Flickr)

American actor Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s most famous stars. Although he has had several roles in films like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Gone Baby Gone, and Gone Girl, to name a few, he is widely known for playing the role of Batman in the DC Universe.

Affleck trained with his longtime fitness trainer Walter Norton Junior. Affleck worked extremely hard day in and day out, as he was aware that audience expectations of the character would also revolve around his physical appearance.

It’s important to note that Ben Affleck focused on muscle growth and his physical and mental well-being in order to portray the character convincingly in the film. So let’s take a look at the food and exercise program that Ben modified for Batman.

Ben Affleck’s Workout Routine

According to the Sportskeeda report, Walter Norton set relentless goals for every muscle group in Ben Affleck’s body, constantly modifying and improving the actor’s exercise regimen. While his bat suit weighed around 75 pounds, his exercise regimen focused on building muscle and overall body strength.

While his main goal was to build muscle in the body without losing significant weight, Affleck kept his cardio to a minimum throughout his workouts. Affleck only engaged in heart exercises for the first 10 to 15 minutes of his workout, according to his trainer. They featured exercises like elliptical training and bike sprints.

Ben Affleck went through a grueling and grueling workout with heavy weights to build muscle. These included both bodyweight exercises and routines using free weights. Planks, lunges, heavy lifts, barbell curls, cable rows and the farmer’s walk were among the activities that made up the group. He divided his daily training of around two hours into three blocks in order to achieve a ripped physique.

The first block consisted of mobile exercises and warm-ups. There were exercises like caterpillars, calf stretches, Spiderman, planks, rumble rollers, and ellipticals. The second block of the exercise program focused on building and conditioning the body. It includes workouts like a back bridge, half-knee rows, hanging knees, shoulder bridge, and pull-ups.

The third block of training focused on increasing body strength and fitness. Some of the exercises covered included goblet squats, bicycle sprints, seated row grips, alternating barbell curls, side squats, and V-pulldowns. In order to confuse the muscles and effectively target each of them, Norton has often modified and refined these workouts.

Affleck regularly engaged in two crucial exercises: pull-ups and pull-ups. Through these easy exercises, he was able to build the physical strength and muscle mass needed to be Batman.

Ben Affleck’s Diet

To get into Batman shape, Ben Affleck worked with dietitian Rehan Jaladi. They have created a diet extremely adapted to the dietary needs of the actor. Dairy products were avoided, while sodium and carbohydrate intake was controlled. Her meager carb intake comes from healthy foods like brown rice, oats, and green vegetables.

Affleck usually ate egg whites, muesli and bananas in the morning. It gave him the energy he needed to get through the day. He usually ate lean meats for lunch, like grilled chicken breast and sautéed sweet potatoes.

Dinners typically included steamed Brussels sprouts and broccoli, along with lean proteins like baked chicken breast or grilled salmon. In order to stay full between meals, Affleck usually ate healthy snacks. These include protein bars and unsalted almonds and apples. Before breakfast and in preparation for a hard workout, he also consumed a protein smoothie.

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