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As the nation continues to reel from the mass shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville this week, the debate over how to protect our children is once again at the forefront. Sarah Bowmar, fitness guru, entrepreneur and mom of two, has had enough and is using the strength of her voice to demand action through her petition, which is quickly becoming one of the most signed on the platform.

Bowmar’s Armed veterans to protect schools The petition seeks to have armed vets, police and parents in all schools. She says, “We need change in this country. We have a mental health crisis. Weapons are too easy to access. And criminals do not obey the law. We must protect our children, our schools and our teachers. Why are our children left unprotected in such a vulnerable state, when banks, airports and even the Apple Store are better protected than most schools? If we can send billions to Ukraine, why can’t we afford to arm and protect our schools? »

Bowmar is known for taking action in areas she is passionate about, especially fitness, health and making the world a better place for her children. That’s why she became a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, prenatal/postpartum trainer, and co-founded several fitness and nutrition-focused businesses with her husband, Josh. She also knows the power of using your voice. As a social media influencer with successful fitness and bowhunting YouTube channels and a combined 3 million social media following, Bowmar connects with women around the world, sharing tips and advice for living a healthier life.

She now uses that determination and influence in her fight to protect children from gun violence at school by using, which was cited by The Washington Post as “one of the nation’s most influential activism outlets.” Actually, claims 87,011 wins in 196 countries based on petitions, and Bowmar is off to an impressive start. At the time of this press release, nearly 15,500 people have signed the petition, and that number is growing by the minute. Once the petition reaches 15,000 signatures, it becomes one of the most signed on

For more information or to pledge your support for Bowmar’s petition, visit Armed veterans to protect schools.

About Sarah Bowmar

Sarah Bowmar has an MBA in Marketing and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer, Prenatal/Postpartum Trainer, Social Media Influencer, Podcast Host, Author, and Bowhunter. She and her husband Josh have founded several fitness and nutrition related businesses including Bowmar Fitness and clean nutrition focused businesses Bowmar Nutrition and APEX Protein Snacks. Additionally, the Bowmars are avid bow hunters, going together on hunting expeditions around the world. They also document their healthy eating and workout tips on their Bowmar Fitness YouTube channel as well as bowhunting tips on their Bowmar Bowhunting channel.

Sarah Bowmar is also active in several charities benefiting children, and she and her husband have even started their own nonprofit, Kids in the Outdoors, which helps inner-city children enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. air.

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