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CHENNAI: When the sweltering heat of May grips the city, the air-conditioned halls of the Chennai Trade Center will host an exhibition that claims to be a one-stop destination for fitness and nutrition needs. Organized by Sai Solutions, the Fitness, Nutrition & Sports India Expo, South India’s exclusive B2B trade show for fitness equipment, nutrition products, sporting goods and wellness industry will be held from May 5 to 7.

Based in the city, Sai Solutions, an exhibition company that burst onto the scene in 2016 with its first major trade show, Pro Wave Expo for the sound and light industry, brought together major players from across Europe. India to participate in this exhibition. “We organized a Pro Wave Expo as there were no exhibitions for the sound and light industry in South India. Likewise, the fitness industry has also not had major exposures in the recent past. So we wanted to bring together manufacturers from North India and major players from South India and provide a platform for them to come together in one place and connect,” says Sai Vigneshwar, the one of the directors of Sai Solutions who is the project manager for FNSI.

The exhibition will have at least 80 booths, more than 150 top brands and Indian manufactures. The team expects an attendance of 10-12,000 over the three days from across southern India.

Activity Galore
This project was started two years ago before the pandemic hit. The team picked up where they left off in October 2022 and finished this show in six months. Sai thinks it’s a good time for the market.

Alongside the stands, several events, challenges and competitions are also planned. “The main attraction will be the bodybuilding competition called UBC, Ultimate Bodybuilding Championship. It is going to be an open South Indian tournament. People – ranked and unranked – can participate. We have 11 categories of bodybuilding and there also has fitness models made with IBBBF and the Tamil Nadu Gym Owners Association (TNGOA),” shares Sai Vigneshwar Workshops and activities like Zumba, pep talks given by the greats industry experts on fitness, bodybuilding competitions and an awards ceremony to congratulate industry seniors and athletes are also on the program.

During the exhibition, all nutrition companies will offer free samples. Short promotions will take place on stage with each company’s brand ambassador present who is expected to meet and greet the audience. Fitness and equipment companies will hold small competitions and distribute gift baskets.

Fitness first

Sai, who is a badminton player, thinks the awareness of fitness has increased and more and more people are interested in the fitness industry. “Several gymnasiums are opening. You have chains of gyms, large and small with minimum to maximum budgets. The market has grown considerably over the past year. So I think it will be the best platform for people to get what they are looking for,” he adds.

This expo is for all fitness enthusiasts and business oriented people who want to get into the industry. “You should know what’s going on in the market. If I go to a particular store, I will know that particular brand. But when I come to an exhibition, I look at 20 to 25 brands dealing with the same product. Each brand will have its uniqueness and its pros and cons. I will be able to look at them, touch them and smell them, and have a clear understanding. The range of products that I am looking at will give me a better idea of ​​what is available on the market. This exhibit does just that,” he says.

The exhibition will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. FREE ENTRANCE. Register at UBC no later than May 5 at `500. On-site registration is also permitted. For registration call: 9840030298, 9840931939

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