The name of Isabel Pantoja has once again made headlines in the social chronicle

The second marriages of Mayte Zaldívar and Julián Muñoz have brought the tonadillera to the front line of the media

Isa Pantoja would not know the details of her mother at this time

The name of Isabel Pantoja has once again made headlines in the social chronicle of our country beyond its concert tour. The tonadillera has become news, in recent days, due to information that suggests that she could challenge the second nuptials of Julián Muñoz and Mayte Zaldívar in court, for fraud. And it is that Isabel Pantoja and the former mayor of Marbella would have registered as a couple in fact to maintain several vis-à-vis while Julián Muñoz remained in prison for the Malaya Case.

These details, be that as it may, would be totally unknown to the singer's daughter, Isa Pantoja, with whom he has not had any type of relationship for several months. A reality to which Joaquin Prat referred to this Friday in the program We'll see, on Telecinco, in the presence of the collaborator. “One thing happens on this plate every time we talk about Isabel Pantoja and that is that we all look at Antonio Rossi forgetting that his daughter is here,” Joaquín Prat began by saying, before addressing Isa Pantoja directly.

Joaquín Prat, Joaquín Prat Isa Pantoja, Isabel Pantoja and their daughter
Isa Panta, in 'Let's see'. (Photo: Telecinco)

«All of us who are here have made that journey that For you it is surely painful and it continues to be very painful: 'Each one with his life, don't ask me because I've already said everything I have to say.' Then, we all looked at Antonio. Isa also looks at Antonio You see? Poor thing, because it is the confirmation of that fact: the daughter looks at Antonio Rossi who knows more than her about her mother's life“added the presenter before the attentive gaze and resignation of Isa herself, who could not do anything other than agree with Joaquín about what is more than obvious.

It was last September, it should be remembered, when Isa confessed in the same program that there had been a rift between her and Isabel Pantoja, the real reasons for which she did not want to delve into; And she, in turn, shared with the space's collaborators her thoughts that it was going to be almost a miracle for the singer to attend her wedding with Asraf, which took place on October 13. «We have no relationship. I don't know why she doesn't want to talk to me and I don't want anyone to judge her as bad if I don't judge her. If she doesn't want to come to my wedding, I respect her. I obviously don't like the situation, but I'm not going to disrespect her or judge her or anything,” she revealed.

Joaquín Prat, Joaquín Prat Isa Pantoja, Isabel Pantoja and their daughter
Several collaborators of the program 'Let's see'. (Photo: Telecinco)

The null relationship between mother and daughter became equally evident a few weeks ago, due to the baptism of Isa Pantoja's son as a result of the romantic relationship she had with Alberto Isla. Although at first the possibility was considered that the tonadillera had rejected attend the event, finally it was Isa Pantoja herself who confirmed that she did not invite her mother to said celebration.

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