The popularity of fitness centers has exploded in recent years, as is the case with the fitness center chain Legacy. With a wide range of programs, many types of exercise equipment and professional instructors to help create the ideal workout for each individual, each Legacy facility uses music to keep energy levels high, all from loudspeakers and related equipment taken from the DAS Audio Catalog (opens in a new tab).

Manning Sumner is the founder and CEO of Legacy Fitness, which has expanded to include facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Coral Gables and Wynwood Florida. After years of training professional athletes and top celebrities, Sumner developed a fitness system called Partner Interval Training (PIT) that made pro-level fitness results accessible to everyone. This system has taken South Florida by storm. Music is an integral part of Legacy programs, and it is precisely for this reason that DAS Audio’s sound systems were selected, which include models from the ACTION-500 Series, ARTEC Series and E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio.

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