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Shameless Khanna
with Feinstein ask

Isn’t Ro Khanna ashamed? Senator Dianne Feinstein suffers from a relatively common condition, shingles. He wants her to quit.

Khanna used ageism to take a Congressional seat from Mike Honda after shopping Congress in numerous districts. And now he’s using his anger at reproductive rights to pressure Feinstein to quit, simply because she’s suffering from a temporary illness that affects many. Who more than Feinstein fought for reproductive rights?

I am embarrassed that this man represents me in Congress and I consider myself a liberal Democrat. Shame on him.

Thomas E. Farrell
Santa Clara

The county has options for
student mental health

The Santa Clara County Office of Education and County Board of Education strive to expand early learning and well-being for all students.

In response to the national youth mental health crisis, which has been significantly exacerbated by COVID-19, the office has partnered with our youth to invest new federal funds in the creation of wellness centers and programs. be essential in our schools.

Wellbeing centers are already showing signs of positive impact, with one center welcoming 700 students in the first week and exit surveys noting significantly improved mental health outcomes.

California has recognized the critical importance of early education in social-emotional development as well as academic success and has begun to expand the free and universal educational bridge between preschool and kindergarten, known as Kindergarten. transition. Interested parents can learn more about the programs available for children ages 0-5 on the “Steps for Success” webpage.

Tara Sreekrishnan
Member, Santa Clara County School Board Office

Put Easter op-ed
in the paper it’s brave

Re: “To give Easter its due, first face the reality of death” (Page A6, April 7).

Thank you for printing Dr. Tyler Johnson’s thoughtful and moving article on the meaning of Easter and death. Far too many publications are afraid to touch anything that deals with eternal questions and historical facts documenting the resurrection of Christ.

The truth is that in confronting the reality of death, we see that this life is ultimately useless and meaningless – as described by Dr. Johnson’s corpse – unless there is the equal truth of the life-giving power of the resurrection available to all.

I do my best to help and respect my neighbor because I believe that he is a precious and eternal being. This is what gives value to each of us. If we just see ourselves as random clumps of evolved protoplasm, it’s hard to care about anyone’s well-being, and that is indeed a pathetic and hopeless prospect.

Norm Smith
City of Daly

The Easter editorial flies away
in the face of science

Re: “To give Easter its due, first face the reality of death” (Page A6, April 7).

I write about a complete lack of editorial oversight that allowed the comment mentioned above to be printed in The Mercury News. It was written by a professor of medicine at Stanford, who presumably took courses in physiology. It explains what happens at death, with immediate cellular breakdown and the body’s atoms immediately beginning to break down.

And then he continues: “It also happened to Jesus”, And then “Mary… faced the unimaginable: a real, whole, royal Jesus… healed and illuminated with celestial splendor. Not dead, not moldy, not falling apart. Alleluia. Alive again.” The end.

How can such childish religious screed and sales pitch be allowed in the pages of Silicon Valley’s leading newspaper; and worse under the signature of a person trained in the medical sciences and practicing in a prestigious medical school?

John Heineke
Los Gatos

accessible to everyone

The annulment of Roe v. Wade is detrimental to many women across the United States, myself included.

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