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Ian Suchan attended ssummer vsnew vsamp to West Side Rowing Club A few years ago, try rowing for the first time in eighth grade. He doesn’t has since left the sport.

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“That’s how a lot of local kids get involved in rowing,” said Suchnow director of club administration and community engagement. They try vsnew vsamp for a summer or even a week and get hooked.”

West Side Rowing Club vsnew vsamp is back this year, with half days and full days program options for families all summer. Middle school and high school students from 11 years old16 can attend not only For learn a fun sport they can play for a lifetime, but also practice teamwork And direction while Haing also have fun with traditional camp activities.

With funding from the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, middle-aged participants whose families qualify can attend camp for free. To check eligibility for assistancevisit WSRC.org/financial aid.

“There are very few sports that rely so heavily on working exactly in sync,” Suchan said. said. “This experience provides a mix of leadership and listening, as well as lessons in responsibility to a young age. When You are working together to launch and then move a shell 60 feet down the river, It is an incredible experience.

Kirk Lang, president of the West Side Rowing Club, adds that crew camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to spend the summer outdoors. get exercise and make new friends.

“Our crew summer camp is ideal for young people with no rowing experience and is specifically designed as an introduction to the sport,” says Lang. “People with prior rowing experience are welcome to join seasoned campers, as they will benefit from additional practice time on the water and develop skills to improve their overall technique.

A typical camp week will begin with “in-class” time, introducing children to the sport and learn the terminology. Each practice includes a basic land workout and stretching. From there, campers go inside rowers to get an idea of ​​the correct movement. For the majority of during the week, children gain experience right on the water along the Niagara River And Black Rock Channel.

With Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park just across the street, coaches also sometimes run kickball games, four-square games, or set up basketball hoops near the boathouse for the practice session. one day camp.

“No athletic experience is necessary, but a willingness to take on new physical challenges and an interest in learning new things helps,” says Lang. “Our hope by the end of each session is that the rowers will gain the confidence and skills to participate in a scrimmaage, or mini regattawith other campers.

After participant In ssummer vsnew Californiamp, many children choose to enroll in the West Side Rowing Club’s year-round program, and some move on to high school programs.

West Side staff and coaches ddemonstrate the high retention rate of the camp themselvesas many are vsnew vsamp alumNo. However, the camp experience benefits all participants, whether they choose to stick to the sport or not. Visit WSRC.org/summer-crew-camp to learn more.

“Our goal is to teach practical lessons and values ​​that these young people can apply wherever they go after their time with us,” says Suchan.

crew camp (half day – two week session)
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
11-16 years old
Week 1: June 19-30
Week 2: July 10-21
Week 3: July 24August. 4

crew camp (Fall day – one week session)
Mfrom day to Friday, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
11-1 years old6
Week 1: June 26-30
Week 2: Julily 10-14
Week 3: Julily 17-21
Week 4: Julily 24-28

sculling camp (90 mInutes – two-week session)
Mfrom day to Friday, 8:30-ten am
14 years and over
Week 1: June 19-30
Week 2: July 10-July 21
Week 3: July 24-August. 4
Week 4: August. 14-25

Junior Programming
Age U17/U19/U23
June 19-August. 13 (noto programming July 3-4)

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