When you think of Nobull, your brain likely conjures up images of top CrossFit athletes burning through impressive feats of strength and athleticism. The brand’s range of well-designed training and running shoes exude that typical fitness and performance mantra. But if you’re a little more open-minded, you understand that “getting fit” doesn’t always mean hitting the weights or planning a frantic afternoon jog. There are many activities and sports that can give your body the ability to move and perform.

You know who also understands this notion? Nobull, sometimes surprisingly.

Steering clear of being pigeonholed as a gym-specific brand, Nobull offers a number of shoe silhouettes designed with alternative activities in mind. The range is wide, giving athletes plenty of opportunities to extend their regimen with style and efficiency underfoot.

So, as the brand continues its push into your shoe rack with Masters-themed golf shoes, here’s a look at some other activities Nobull supports via sport-specific silhouettes. While we haven’t been as active with these offerings as the fitness ones, the fact that the solid upper construction and some of the original trainer and rider technology carries over to these products inspires confidence that they can perform as well. .


This recreational activity features strongly in the Nobull range, with the brand offering a unique studless outsole designed to create optimal traction on and off the course. Nobull golf shoes also feature medial and lateral support, ideal for staying firm in your stance throughout your stroke. A 6mm heel-to-toe drop is also ideal for comfort and support when stepping from hole to hole.

Nobull golf shoes are available in a handful of superior constructions, including durable, water-resistant MATRYX, sleek, beautiful leather, and breathable, rugged ripstop. The ripstop profiles also feature an additional Gore-Tex membrane, ideal for repelling those pesky rain delays.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Nobull sneaker if there weren’t a number of colorways and designs to choose from, and that’s where the brand shines in the golf shoe space. You can choose from the more subdued shades of white, black and navy blue, but also special designs with vibrant patterns. The newest is the Masters Tournament-inspired profile, featuring a midsole and outsole aesthetic inspired by the seasonal flowers on display in Augusta, Georgia.

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Nobull Augusta Magnolia Gore-Tex Ripstop Golf Shoe



Field activities

Entering the field for a game of tennis or pickleball? Rolling out the agility ladder on the hardwood for intermittent exercises? The Court Trainer Stable utilizes a precise herringbone outsole design, meant to facilitate those multi-directional cuts on varying court surfaces. The brand has also reworked the toe bumper, optimized for quick pivots and toe rubs when moving and landing in any direction.

The Court Trainer collection also features a handful of heights and colorways, like the mid-profile navy and white below, but given the potential for abrasion on hardwood and composite court surfaces, these sneakers are only available only in the brand’s SuperFabric upper.

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Nobull Mid Court Trainer



nobull shoes
The Nobull range extends far beyond the gym and running, keeping athletes equipped for the activity they choose.

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nobull shoes

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Clipless cycling shoes are very different from your normal dailies or flat bottomed cyclists. Their cleats let you integrate with your bike’s pedals for more efficient and comfortable rides. This makes them very different from other types of shoes, but even so, Nobull’s unique approach leaves our inner cycling geeks both fascinated and skeptical.

A perforated upper keeps the shoes lightweight and breathable, which could be good for those high-octane spin sessions that can easily leave your feet in a sweaty pool after a workout. Because of this open design, however, they may be best for more indoor-facing rides.

If you want to venture into self-driving, Nobull offers three colorways, including the Concrete option below. It should be noted that you will need to purchase three-bolt cleats separately and ensure your pedals are compatible. (Two-bolt SPD cleats and pedals are also very common and will not work with these shoes.)

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Nobull Cycling Shoe




As the official training partner of the NFL Combine, Nobull now offers shoes aimed at keeping you agile on artificial turf – and the Turf Trainer collection is something of a Frankenstein’s monster. The upper is borrowed from the brand’s Trainer+ silhouette for optimal support, stability and durability, while the rugged outsole design features lugs that improve traction with coverage that rides up the sidewall.

This silhouette is ideal for athletes who have a grass track available to them for high intensity intervals, or those who participate in recreational grass sports such as flag football or perhaps Ultimate Frisbee.

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Nobull Turf Trainer



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