Six months ago, Angel Cristo Jr. He made the decision to sit on television and make his most explosive statements against his mother, Barbara Rey, who is now completely on the edge. Then, she claimed that her discomfort with the ex-vedette came from an episode that occurred in the summer of 2023, when she asked him for help to be able to pay the lawyers for the judicial process for the custody of her daughter. Now, at last, she has come to light the message that mother sent to her son and that marked the end of their relationship.

Sofía Cristo, Ángel Cristo Jr, and Bárbara ReySofía Cristo, Ángel Cristo Jr, and Bárbara Rey

Sofía Cristo, Ángel Cristo Jr, and Bárbara Rey when the relationship was not broken.


'Fiesta' has exclusively revealed the message that Bárbara Rey sent to her son, Ángel Cristo Jr., last summer and that provoked his anger. “Your attitude and behavior leave a lot to be desired.. You can't pay with Ana or me for everything that happens to you. By trying to harm Marta (ex-wife), the only thing you achieve is harm yourself. In the end you will be left completely alone, Ana will get tired and eventually leave you. You can't live with those tensions. Anyway, you will know”, it can be read.

A message that came after the request that Ángel Cristo Jr. made to his mother to be able to pay the lawyers for the judicial process in which he had been involved for the custody of his daughter. “I told him to speak publicly so that I could say something that had nothing to do with this. Obviously, to get money. I have asked him for help and to tell him something that is happening.. I got divorced in 2020 and you know what I'm going through,” the son of the deceased lion tamer came to say.

Bárbara Rey at a public eventBárbara Rey at a public event

Now, as soon as he returned from 'Survivors', Ángel Cristo Jr. has attacked his mother again. Something that has caused Bárbara Rey to reach an extreme situation and make an important determination. The ex-vedette is focused on finding strength to protect her daughter and her granddaughter. This was confirmed to Aurelio Manzano after having to listen to the new attacks of his first-born son. “The only thing that matters to me right now is my daughter and granddaughter.. “I'm going to defend them until the end,” he said.

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