WEST HARTFORD Conn. (WFSB) – A West Hartford gym is reacting after a fitness influencer called them out on TikTok. The video raises questions about privacy and gym etiquette.

The “Joey Swoll” influencer’s video has been viewed over 1.7 million times. In the video, “Joey Swoll” responds to a woman who filmed someone else working out at Edge Fitness in West Hartford.

The I-Team spoke with members of Edge Fitness in West Hartford to get their reaction.

We bumped into Tyler Rivera, who says he brings his camera everywhere. He even asked to vlog the interview.

“I think that’s just the times we live in now. People are just recording,” Rivera said.

Rivera also sometimes brings her camera into the gym. He posts progress videos on his “transformationtyler” Instagram account.

“I think documenting your process or just sharing positive stories is so good for our times,” Rivera said.

If you search for “fitness” on Instagram or TikTok, you’ll find thousands of other people doing the same. However, a video posted on TikTok about Edge Fitness in West Hartford is getting the wrong kind of attention.

This is because the person was focusing their camera on someone else. After the video of “Joey Swoll” calling her a “toxic young woman”, the woman’s account went private. Swoll tells the woman to “learn to respect people” and “leave other people alone”. Swoll says Edge Fitness should kick her out of the gym.

Edge Fitness Clubs declined the I-Team’s interview request. A spokesperson sent the same statement which was shared on Instagram. It reads:

“As per our policy:

For the general enjoyment of others, cell phones may not be used for phone calls on the practice track or during class. The use of any type of mobile phone is not permitted on any equipment or in the changing rooms. Taking photos or videos of other members without their direct consent is strictly prohibited and may result in loss of member privileges. Privacy considerations limit the information we can disclose, The Edge Fitness Clubs has taken steps to ensure this is not repeated.

Eyewitness news legal expert Eric Parker said it would be very difficult in Connecticut to have a successful civil or criminal case when it comes to someone filming you in a hall. sport.

“You are exposed to the public when you train. You take the risk that maybe someone is taking a video and you could end up in a shot,” Parker said.

Parker says that for a case to be criminal, the video must be taken maliciously or there must be some sort of sexual intent. When it comes to a civil matter, there is no law in Connecticut that specifically deals with it. A case should fall under the general right to privacy. Parker says it would be difficult to prove you have a right to privacy in an open gym. The locker room would be another story.

If you think you might have a case, Parker suggests filing a police report.

“Make a police report, and the police will look at it and see if it meets those criteria, but I think to be successful and have a case that a prosecutor would want to pursue, that would be quite difficult.” Parker said.

Parker suggests speaking directly with your gym.

“If you’re not comfortable being in the background of a social media influencer’s video, ask the gym, what are their policies? Do they have a policy that protects you from that stuff? Because the law really doesn’t give you much,” Parker said.

For Rivera, it’s about more than is legal. It’s about what’s right.

“If you bring a camera to show your growth. It should be focused on your growth. He shouldn’t be focused on anything other than that,” Rivera said. “I don’t think you should focus on recording someone else, especially if it’s outside of their consent.”

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