How Florida is teaching kids resilience to tackle the youth mental health crisis

How Florida is teaching kids resilience to tackle the youth mental health crisis

Young people are going through a mental health crisis as depression and suicides rise, and sadly, our healthcare system is woefully inadequate to help them. We regularly see headlines of students committing suicide after being bullied, and murderous school shooters plagued by mental illness, causing preventable injuries and deaths. But not everyone sits idly by,

A male student is shown tightly cropped in the foreground. His head is out of the frame but he is wearing a red and blue striped shirt, blue shorts, and a gray and black backpack. His hands are holding the straps on his chest. There are two other people

WVU Tackles Youth Mental Health Crisis and Critical Provider Shortage with Innovative School Programming | Today

WVU mental health experts will use more than $5 million in federal grants to increase the number of mental health care providers in West Virginia schools at a time when many school-aged residents of the state experience higher rates of suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness. (WVU Photo/Brian Persinger) Mental health experts based

Kirwan Institute Executive Director Ange-Marie Hancock (left) led a panel discussion on youth suicide prevention with Morehouse College of Medicine professor Nicole King Cotton and Ohio State's Beverly Vandiver.

Purpose of Youth Mental Health Solutions Conference

Increasing support systems for young people struggling with mental health issues will require a concerted effort by parents, educators and community organizations, presenters said at the African American Behavioral Health Conference. of 2023. The Ohio State University and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OhioMHAS) hosted the conference at the Fawcett

How our schools can tackle California’s youth mental health crisis – now

Courtesy: Aspire Public Schools Courtesy: Aspire Public Schools Cora Palma April 13, 2023 Those of us who work in schools don’t need statistics to tell us that our children are in crisis; research supports our lived experience. Since 2017, rates of anxiety and depression among Californian children have soared 70%, and one-third of Californian teenagers